Art in Public Places

The Saginaw Charter Township Art In Public Places is proud to present Beth Ward-Donahue and Barbara Plummer of Midland, MI, for the month of August.

Beth Ward-Donahue
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I make my own recycled paper pulp from post-consumer papers, and cast that pulp into my handmade plaster master molds or found objects to create my additive forms.  These Cast Paper images and patterns forms are applied to the surface of stretched Canvas.  Each resulting Cast Paper on Canvas creation is surface treated with a variety of non-toxic of paints, stains or other colorants and ageing processes.

These Cast Paper pieces are executed entirely by me in my studio located on the second floor of my home in Mt. Haley Township, outside of Midland, MI.  Each finished Cast Paper piece is a truly singular and unique work of art.

My most recent pieces have theme of relics and symbols.   I continue to have a fascination with artifacts and fossils.  They inspire my ongoing RELIC II Series.  Appearing both ancient and contemporary, these pieces hold the mystery of symbols and secret meaning.  Moths and dragonflies, which symbolize immortality and rebirth, are frequently part of this series.  Feather images, symbolic in many ancient cultures, also appear.

Collectors of my Cast Paper pieces are a unique group and diverse group.  They trust their own sense of style, and comfortably express themselves with the art they select to inhabit their living and work spaces.  They are first attracted to the art work, and further appreciate the upcycled nature of my Cast Paper on Canvas.

Barbara Plummer
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During my lifetime, I always enjoyed viewing other artist’s paintings whether in museums or that of personal friends.  My last professional job was that of Director of Campus Arts at Northwood University.  I was always envious of the artistic talents of those I came in contact and I was determined to take time to develop my longtime painting interest upon retirement.

Over the past ten years, I have been pursuing various opportunities to develop my painting skills.  I paint in acrylics using thin layers of paint and a lot of glazing medium.  The effect is more “oil like”.  Most of the subjects are either landscapes or florals.  The subject matter is primarily from experiences, travels or my gardens.

This combined art exhibit will be shown at the Saginaw Charter Township Hall, 4980 Shattuck Road, Saginaw, Michigan, during business hours Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 p.m., August 1 through August 31, 2016.

Saginaw Township State of the Arts Exhibition 2016

The annual Saginaw Township State of the Arts Exhibition 2016 was held on Sunday, April 24. This annual event was hosted by the Saginaw Township Art In Public Places Committee.  This juried Art Exhibit was open to all Michigan artists, 18 years or older, working in all media, except photography and digital imagery.  Cash prizes totaling approximately $4,575 were underwritten by a variety of local, regional and statewide sponsors.  This year's Best of Show was awarded to Candice Grieve of Clinton Township.  Congratulations to Candice and all of the award winners!  Click here to see all of the award winning pieces!

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Brief History of Saginaw Township Art in Public Places

On September 12, 1986, by joint resolution of the Township Board an Art in Public Places Committee was established. The Committee functions primarily to: Advise the Township Board on art and culture-related issues, promotes the display of art in public buildings, organizes the Annual State of the Arts Exhibition and selects works of art to be permanently or temporarily displayed in facilities owned by Saginaw Township.

Former Saginaw Township Manager Robert C. Homan first investigated ways in which to promote art appreciation in Saginaw Township. The Township Board appointed a committee of seven individuals with various art backgrounds to organize activities and schedule displays. The original members; Bonnie Bellinger, Patricia Shaheen, Patricia Koucky, Luther Hale, Walter Nagel Jr., Rev. David Bracklein and Marian Tincknell held their first meeting on November 13, 1986. At that first meeting they discussed the possibility of showcasing a monthly art display at the Saginaw Township Hall. During the remainder of the year and the year following, the Committee organized an art show featuring Michigan artists and their works. This annual show is now referred to as the "Annual State of the Arts Exhibition".

The Committee appointed Bonnie Bellinger as Chairperson and through her and the Committee's hard work a successful arts appreciation program was established for Saginaw Township residents. Bonnie Bellinger retired as Chairperson in 1990, but her projects live on. In 2004 the Annual State of the Arts Exhibition dedicated the exhibition to Patricia Koucky who unexpectedly passed away earlier that year.

The Committee is now Chaired by Saginaw Township Manager Rob Grose.

Committee members include:

  • Judi Braun
  • David & Connie Homan
  • Bob Lewis
  • Lindy Morley
  • Ursula Steckert
  • Marion Tincknell
  • Jim Kelly --Board of Trustees
  • Shirley Wazny --Clerk