Special Initiatives

The Department of Community Development works on a number of special projects as directed by the Planning Commission and Township Board. This page provides updates of these ongoing projects as well as additional information and links.

Latest News:The Township has adopted a development plan and tax increment financing plan for State Street. This plan, administered by the Township and the Township's Corridor Improvement District, will help guide improvements and reinvestment along the State Street Corridor. For more information please visit www.recreatestate.org

Agenda for the CID meeting on January 6, 2015

Improvements to Center Road near Heritage High School Working cooperatively with the Saginaw Township Public Schools and Heritage High School, the Township worked to conduct a traffic study. The results of the study are available in the office of Community Development.

The Saginaw County Road Commission applied for and received a safety grant to make improvements to Center Road and to help implement some of the recommendations contained in the study. One of the items that the safety grant will pay for is the design and construction of widening Center Road to add an additional lane at Heritage High School.

Pedestrian Pathway On August 27, 2007 the township officially opened the pedestrian pathway for public use. The one-mile stretch is located behind Township Hall and Center Courts and stretches from Shattuck Road north to McCarty Road. This is the Township's first foray into a pedestrian pathway and is sure not to be its last. Future plans include linking north to Kochville Township and south to the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail. Future plans will be posted here.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Preservation of existing neighborhoods is of utmost importance in Saginaw Charter Township. One of the primary concerns is safety of our residents and their children. Over the years, many streets have evolved into local shortcuts to access primary roads. In order to deter this, the Township has established a program whereby neighborhoods can install, on a trial basis, speed tables. The speed tables help to slow traffic and deter those vehicles who use the streets only as a shortcut. If residents like the results of the temporary or trial speed tables, they can petition to have the Township specially assess the neighborhood for installation of permanent speed tables.