Saginaw Emergency Services Team

The Saginaw Emergency Services Team is a special weapons and tactics unit responsible for handling emergency law enforcement incidents throughout Saginaw County.  The Team was founded in 1975 and has successfully resolved many volatile situations in Saginaw County during that time period. 

The Team is open to and comprised of officers from agencies across the County.  Currently there are Team members representing Saginaw, Saginaw Township, Frankenmuth and Bridgeport Police and the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department.  The Saginaw Township Police Department has three officers serving with the Team.
swatThe Team’s responsibilities include barricaded subjects, hostage rescue situations, high-risk search/arrest warrant operations, dignitary protection missions and other tactical operations as requested.

The Team serves at the request of any law enforcement agency in Saginaw County regardless of whether the agency has members serving on the Team.  The Team is also available to assist agencies from surrounding counties, as part of multiple mutual aid agreements.

The Team trains locally, as a unit, on a monthly basis.  Twice a year, the Team trains in conjunction with other tactical units from around the State of Michigan during weekly training events.  Additionally, individual Team members undergo specialized training conducted by highly-respected schools from around the United States.

Members are selected to fill vacancies from their respective departments.  The selection process is highly competitive and those who succeed will have demonstrated an understanding of law enforcement tactics, the capacity to continue functioning during physically demanding situations, the ability to handle and use firearms under stress and most importantly; they will have proven they are capable of making decisions during tense situations.