Field Training Program

In addition to the basic police academy required by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards every officer hired by the Saginaw Township Police Department undergoes an intensive 16 week training program. motosm                       

The program is coordinated by Administrative Sergeant Uphold with Sergeants Rich, Myers, Fleming, and Anderson serving as Field Supervisors.  The Field Supervisors are responsible for supervision of experienced road patrol officers that have had additional classroom instruction in the training of new recruits.

Currently STPD has 5 officers that rotate with new hires through various stages of learning.  The new officer is assigned a mentor, upon hiring, that helps guide the probationary officer as they settle into their new surroundings and career path.

Recruits begin their careers with one of three lead Field Training Officers:  Officer Brent Pinter, Officer Greg Remer or Officer Glen Hill.  The lead FTO's have over 25 years in combined law enforcement experience.

FTO's are:

Officer Brent Pinter
Officer Greg Remer
Officer Justin Severs
Officer Jarrod Atha
Officer Glen Hill

trafsmSaginaw Township Police Department is also represented by several training officer's at Delta College's Northeastern Police Academy.

Many officer's seek employment with STPD because of the continuous education and training opportunities provided.  If you feel you're up to the challenge of becoming a Saginaw Township Police officer, contact Lt.Pelkki or Sergeant Uphold.

A printable employment application is available here.