The Saginaw Township Police Department road patrol division has five Sergeants assigned. Among their many responsibilities, the Sergeants are responsible for supervising the activities of road patrol officers, reviewing reports, arranging civil stand-bys or citizens, and conducting roll call briefings for the shifts.

Administrative Sergeant

Sergeant Russ Uphold

Sergeant Uphold handles daily administrative duties, is the coordinator of the Field Training Unit and the coordinator for the Citizens Police Academy.  He also supervises equipment disposal and is responsible for coordinating vehicle fleet maintenance and equipment acquisitions.  He is the department liaison for a multitude of private sector contractors that provide services to the police department, such as the vehicle fleet, radio communications, mobile data terminals, in house computer networking systems and equipment.  Sergeant Sadowski is the administrator for all computer programs that the police department uses, oversees the department's mobile video recording system and is the department's LEIN security officer.

Sergeant Uphold began his career with the Carrollton Township Police Department in 1992.  He joined the Saginaw Township Police Department in 2006 and was promoted to Sergeant in January of 2016.

Sergeant Uphold is responsible for overseeing the STPD bike unit and serves as a self-described "Jack of all trades."  He handles MICR audits for the department, that helps to ensure that our reports meet standards for reporting to the State of Michigan.  That, in turn, helps STPD to secure grants monies for various law enforcement activities such as patrol related and traffic enforcement programs.


Sergeant Uphold is active in various non-profit organization in the Great Lakes Bay Region and has served as the emcee for the annual Saginaw Township Police Officer's Association annual Policeman's Ball for the past several years. 

Sergeant Uphold has a MA in Administrative Science from Saginaw Valley State University where he also received a BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology.  In

Patrol Sergeants

Sergeant James Rich

Sergeant Rich supervises officers from 1745-0545. He was promoted to the position of Sergeant in 2014. Sergeant Rich is a class III breathalyzer operator.  Each month he certifies that our preliminary breath tests are calibrated to meet specific standards for court purposes.

Sgt. Rich has previously served as one of our crime scene technicians and a lead training officer.  Sgt. Rich also is a member of the Saginaw Township Police Department motorcycle unit.

Sgt. Rich is the only officer from STPD to be named the Exchange Club "Officer of the Year" twice:  1999 & 2007.

Sergeant Andy Myers

Sergeant Myers supervises officers from 0545-1745.  He was promoted to the position of Sergeant in 2015. Sgt. Myers has served as a road patrol officer and Field Training Officer.  He is a member/supervisor of the multi-agency Emergency Services Team. Sergeant Myers supervises the school crossing guard program for the STPD.

Sergeant Myers is a graduate of Alma College where he played for the football team.  In 2012, Sergeant Myers was named the Exchange Club "Officer of the Year."

Sergeant Michele Fleming

Sergeant Fleming supervises road patrol officers from 5:45pm until 5:45am. She is one of the advisors for the Saginaw Township Explorer Post #2376. Sergeant Fleming is also a crisis negotiator for the Emergency Services Team and has served as a Field Training Officer.

Sergeant Fleming has a Masters of Administrative Science from Saginaw Valley State University and regularly serves as a volunteer with the Girls on the Run Program.

Sergeant Brian Anderson

Sergeant Anderson supervises officers from 5:45pm to 5:45am.

Sgt. Anderson started with the Saginaw Township Police Department in 200.  He worked as a road patrol officer and served as a lead Field Training Officer. Sergeant Anderson is active in the bike patrol program and serves on the Saginaw Township Police Department Honor Guard. He was then promoted to the position of Patrol Sergeant in 2018.



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