The Saginaw Township Police Department normally has two officers assigned to the traffic unit. Currently, there are no officers assigned due to a staffing shortage. To offset this shortage, patrol officers are regularly assigned short blocks of time for traffic enforcement duties in conjunction with other duties they perform on a daily basis.motosm

Since it's inception in early 2009, the Township has seen a reduction in serious traffic crashes in all districts.

Traffic unit officers work staggered hours and normally operate in semi-marked patrol vehicles or on the department motorcycles.

It is important to understand that the goal of the unit is not to issue citations but to affect compliance of the motor vehicle code and reduce accidents. Officer's routinely provide more verbal warnings for civil infraction moving violations than they issue citations.

trafsmAlthough the primary function of officer's assigned to the traffic unit is enforcement of traffic law compliance, they do take calls for service. There are times that the call volume for the road patrol becomes extremely busy. The traffic unit officers will take calls so that our residents and businesses have contact with an officer in a timely manner. 

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