Crime Prevention Unit


The current Crime Prevention Unit was established in 1987. The unit (C.P.U.) consists of detectives, road patrol officers and a civilian support person. The unit handles vast array of duties.  If you live in an apartment complex, have attended National Night Out, reported suspicious drug related activity, or been a patron of a Saginaw Township business, you have more than likely had involvement with the Crime Prevention Unit without even knowing it.

D/Sergeant Scott Malace supervises the unit and also handles the residential security programs, including Neighborhood Watch and Crime Free Multi Housing.

Detectives Kevin Gloude, Brian Guest, Grant Goetschy and Jay Pansing investigate property crimes,obtain and execute warrants, conduct covert surveillance of criminal suspects and in areas of increased criminal activity.

Detective Andy Carlson is our School Resource Officer. Detective Carlson works with the high schools in Saginaw Township to help build a positive relationship between young adults and the police department. He lectures in law classes about search and seizure laws and investigates any crimes that occur at the schools.

Crime Prevention/Patrol Officers Fredenburg, Nothelferand Schroeder provide community policing services to area schools, apartment complexes, business districts, and neighborhoods.

CPU wins award

The Crime Prevention Association of Michigan has named the Saginaw Township Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit the best of its kind in the state for 2009.