State of the Township 2016

State of the Township 2016 Presentation

This year's State of the Township address focused on technology, and how Saginaw Charter Township is utilizing new and exciting tools to better provide vital and convenient services to our residents.  Supervisor Tim Braun discussed how technology has progressed into the 21st century, and how local government has tried to keep pace with the needs of citizens and businesses.  The Township in particular has been moving forward with new programs to aid in efficiency and responsiveness.

Matt Rappley, Assistant Director of DPS, discussed how digitizing all the Township’s utility maps has made it quicker and easier for crews to locate and assess water and sewer infrastructure.  This is especially important in emergency situations and when working with other services such as MISS Dig.

Fire Chief Jim Peterson used an interactive video to walk through the “I Am Responding” tool that firefighters use to respond to calls for aid.  The program allows firefighters to notify dispatch and other responders that they are on their way to a call, and provides mapping information and hydrant location in the truck while en route.  A video detailing the technology the Fire Department uses, including a demonstration of "I Am Responding" is available here

Bridget Smith, Assistant Director of Community Development, explained how the Township is working to “do government better” by improving efficiency and responsiveness.  The Township’s new electronic tax bill kiosk allows residents to print their water or tax bill so they can pay it quickly or keep a copy for their records.  Saginaw Township also maintains an updated website and active Facebook page, both of which are used to quickly keep residents informed of events, emergencies, and other useful information.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to date information.

Chief of Police Don Pussehl gave an overview of the CrimeDar website that was rolled out last year.  Accessing the website at allows residents to see daily updated incident locations along with basic associated information.

Supervisor Braun closed by stating that Saginaw Township is consistently trying to do more with technology – it makes us quicker and more efficient.  We know you want answers quickly and access to information digitally.  This is not just technology for technologies sake.  We like to think of it as an upgraded operating system for local government.  It makes government what it should be – responsive and proactive.