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Artists of the Month - December
Sara Rio

Sara Rio b

Saginaw Township Art in Public Places is pleased to present Sara Rio Spagnotti of Kalamazoo, Michigan, as the Artist of the Month for December. 

Artist Biography
Sara Rio Spagnotti a ceramic artist located in Kalamazoo, MI. She graduated with her BFA from Western Michigan University in 2015 and has since built her own studio where she works as a full time potter. Her work offers a blend of floral interpretations, depictions of wonder, and abundance— all reminiscent of her of her home in southwest Michigan.

You can see more of her work at

Sara's exhibit will be on display at Saginaw Township Hall, located at 4980 Shattuck Road, Saginaw, Michigan, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm, thru December 29, 2023.   Township Offices will be closing at 3:30 p.m. December 7, and will be closed all day December 25 and 26.

2023 State of the Arts Exhibition Award Winners
2023 Award Winners
2023 Award Winners

Brief History of Saginaw Township Art in Public Places
On September 12, 1986, by joint resolution of the Township Board an Art in Public Places Committee was established. The Committee functions primarily to: Advise the Township Board on art and culture-related issues, promotes the display of art in public buildings, organizes the Annual State of the Arts Exhibition and selects works of art to be permanently or temporarily displayed in facilities owned by Saginaw Township.

Former Saginaw Township Manager Robert C. Homan first investigated ways in which to promote art appreciation in Saginaw Township. The Township Board appointed a committee of seven individuals with various art backgrounds to organize activities and schedule displays. The original members; Bonnie Bellinger, Patricia Shaheen, Patricia Koucky, Luther Hale, Walter Nagel Jr., Rev. David Bracklein and Marian Tincknell held their first meeting on November 13, 1986. At that first meeting they discussed the possibility of showcasing a monthly art display at the Saginaw Township Hall. During the remainder of the year and the year following, the Committee organized an art show featuring Michigan artists and their works. This annual show is now referred to as the "Annual State of the Arts Exhibition".

The Committee appointed Bonnie Bellinger as Chairperson and through her and the Committee's hard work a successful arts appreciation program was established for Saginaw Township residents. Bonnie Bellinger retired as Chairperson in 1990, but her projects live on. In 2004 the Annual State of the Arts Exhibition dedicated the exhibition to Patricia Koucky who unexpectedly passed away earlier that year.

The Committee is now Chaired by Saginaw Township Manager Brian Rombalski.

Committee members include:

  • Karen Gerhardt
  • Bob Lewis
  • Marion Tincknell
  • Barbara Walworth
  • Jim Kelly --Board of Trustees