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Fire Department

Business Fire Safety

Making Your Business Fire Safe

Commercial Businesses have unique situations that can create fire problems. A lot of emphasis is placed on Home Fire Safety, we sometimes forget about the businesses that keep us running. Listed below are some considerations for your business to help aid you in keeping a fire safe building. Information and demonstrations on how to use the items listed below are available through Saginaw Township Fire Department. We provide free fire extinguisher training for your office or employees, which is available by contacting the Fire Prevention office at (989) 792-9691. Call to now to set up your fire extinguisher training or seminar!

Common Causes of Fires at Work:

Careless smoking and careless disposal of smoking materials

Improper storage of flammable materials

Electrical wiring in poor condition

Improper maintenance or operation of hot objects (fireplaces, stoves, etc.)


Fire Proofing Tips for Businesses:

DO install commercial smoke detectors on every floor.

DO plan your escape routes in case a fire does start.

Install commercial fire sprinklers.

Designate a smoking area OUTSIDE your building and supply the proper smoking material disposal containers.


Business Evacuation Plans:

Determine your escape routes—Try to have at least two or three alternate escapes routes from each main area or room. Make maps of your planned escape routes and meeting area and post them throughout the building. Educate your employees about the routes and perform regular drills.

You can't hide from a fire! NEVER try to hide from a fire. Follow your escape plan to get out, and then stay out.

Crawl under smoke! If you encounter smoke when you're escaping, try another way out. If you have to escape through the smoke, crawl on your hands and knees. Stay low, under the smoke--about 12 to 24 inches (30 to 60 centimeters) above the floor.

Don't stop! When you hear a smoke alarm, leave the building. Don't try to save anything.