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Fire Department

Flashover Simulator

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The Saginaw Township Fire Department offers a unique training experience that provides firefighters with the best live fire training program currently available to the fire service.  This hands on training takes place at our training site on Hospital Rd.

The Phase I Mobile Flashover Unit, constructed by Swede Survival Systems™, is a laboratory where fire behavior can be observed three feet below the fire floor.  Instructors will demonstrate basic fire behavior using Class A combustibles (particle board).  The fire is not influenced by artificial or individual factors and is the most cost effective, realistic fire training available. 

Key points of the system include incipient phase of the fire, fire growth, smoke production, high and low pressure zones, thermal feedback, rollover and flashover.  Inside the burn chamber, students will observe fire growth from the incipient stage to flashover. Students will see the signs of impending flashover and use the proper nozzle techniques to delay the flashover. Each evolution allows multiple students to practice, under working fire conditions, the nozzle techniques necessary to safely escape this deadly fire condition.



Recognition of an imminent flashover

Flashover delay techniques

Flashover survival techniques

Save lives

Prevent injury

Safety procedures

Flashover variables

Flashover development

Flashover vs. Backdraft

Survival Techniques

If you have any additional questions, or would like information on cost or scheduling a training session with this state of the art piece of equipment for your fire fighters, please contact the Saginaw Township Fire Department at 989-792-9691 or email Training Officer Ray Wilson at