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UPDATE - Outdoor Burning (4.3.20)

We have finally received clarification from Michigan DNR in regards to outdoor burning. Any open burning which requires a permit is still prohibited. However, due to the clarification from Michigan DNR, Recreational Fires will be allowed.

We apologize for any confusion this has caused. For full details in regards to recreational fires, please visit the “Outdoor Burning Regulations” page of our website at 

Just a reminder that recreational fires shall not burn leaves, brush, yard waste, or building materials. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay Well. 

 Outside Burning Regulations
As many of you begin the task of cleaning up leaves and other yard debris.  There are several options available to residents to dispose of this debris, primarily curbside yard waste pick up, and the township brush site.  However, some residents may choose to burn the debris.  Open burning is permitted in Saginaw Township, however it is only permitted under very specific conditions.

Please DO NOT conduct outside burning until you have reviewed all of the regulations contained in the "Burning Regulations" section of this website. Recreational fires (campfires/outdoor fireplaces) DO NOT require a permit, however there are several rules which apply to these types of fires:

Please call the Saginaw Township Fire Department offices (989.792.9691) if you have any questions regarding the burning regulations, to obtain a burning permit, or apply online at Burning Permit Application

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