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Fire Department

Knox Box

The Knox box is a component of a Rapid Entry System (RES). An RES is an on-premise security key box which provides firefighters immediate access to locked buildings, storage rooms, elevators, and other secured areas without forced entry in an emergency situation. Time is always a firefighters worst enemy. The ability to gain access rapidly conserves precious time and helps preserve valuable property. Since 1993, the Saginaw Township Fire Department has been registered with the Knox Company to provide the security system which best serves our community.

All commercial occupancies within Saginaw Charter Township with a fire alarm and/or fire sprinkler system are required to install a Knox box at their property. All commercial buildings that employ a Fire Department Connection (FDC) for their automatic sprinkler system are also required to install Knox locking FDC plugs. The FDC plugs help to ensure the security and operability of the sprinkler system in the case of a sprinkler activation.

Additional information may be obtained and Knox products may be ordered at

To order a Knox box or Knox locking FDC plugs online please use the following steps:

 Go to

Click on the red box in upper right corner, labeled “BUY”; a new page will appear

Select “Michigan” from “Select State/Province” pull down menu

Enter Saginaw into “Enter department name field”; select Saginaw Charter Twp Fire Dept from list that appears and then click the redSearch” box.

Click “Select Department” and you will be directed to a new page.

On the new page, part-way down the screen is a list of Knox products. Using the following criteria, click on the appropriate link:

          If you have 1 or 2 keys for your building, click on Residential Knoxboxes.


          If you have three (3) or more keys for your building, click on Commercial Knoxboxes.


          For Fire Department Connection caps, click on FDC Locking Caps.

Click on “Select & Configure”, you will be directed to a new window where you can select specific options for your KnoxBox. When complete, click “Add to Cart”.

Fill in the required fields and click on “Submit”, OR f you need to order additional items click on “Save and Add Another” (and repeat the above steps for the other items).

When all items are complete, proceed to checkout.

Knox boxes shall be mounted to the building, in clear view, near the front door, and five feet (5’) from the ground. Please have a key for your business available for the fire department to place into the Knox Box. When ordering FDC plugs Two (2) 2 ½ “plugs are required.

When the Knox Box is mounted on the building please contact the fire department at 989-792-9691 to lock the Knox Box and/or install FDC plugs. Please contact our office (989.792.9691) if you have any questions concerning this process. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.