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Saginaw Township Police Department History

The Saginaw Township Police Department grew from a constable's position in 1959 to a part time police department in 1963. At that time, the single officer worked closely with the Saginaw Township Fire Department. Through 1963, the department slowly began to take shape. Another officer was hired as part time, and initially was on call. The first police car was purchased in 1964. Also during that year, more officers were hired and the department began serving the citizens on a more regular basis. By 1965, the department had four full and five part time officers. These officers originally were deputized through the Saginaw County Sheriff Department in order to receive arrest powers. The police department was adopted by ordinance in 1972 and became a full time and full service operation.

The department grew quickly through the 1970's and continued some growth in the 1980's and 1990's. In 2007, four officers were added to the department to bring the number of sworn officers to 47.This includes the chief of police, two lieutenants, two investigative sergeants, four patrol sergeants, and one administrative sergeant. The department has 24 road patrol officers, 10 detectives, and 3 officers assigned to special duties.