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Disc Golf in Saginaw Township!

In September, 2011 Saginaw Township began construction of “Wickes Woods”, an 18-hole disc golf course located in Harvey Randall Wickes Recreation Complex on Hospital Road. The course officially opened one year later in September, 2012. Wickes Woods spans 5,864 feet long and features par 3 and par 4 holes with concrete tee pads for each hole, tee signs, landscaping and benches throughout the course. This unique course was designed with both wooded and open landscape making it interesting and challenging for all skill levels!

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf – the main difference is the equipment. With disc golf you throw specially designed golf discs from the tee area to an elevated metal basket which is the “hole”. The object is to complete each hole in as few throws as possible – reducing the number of throws it takes to get from the tee to the basket or “hole” is the challenge.

Disc Golf is a sport that can be played from elementary age children through the senior years, making it a lifetime fitness sport. This sport provides an excellent low impact workout that encourages a combination of physical and mental abilities. Disc Golf is easy to learn and can be played alone or with friends.

Contact Saginaw Township Recreation for more details at 791-9860.
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