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About STPD


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Our Mission Statement

The Saginaw Charter Township Police Department respects the rights and dignity of all citizens, and is  committed to providing professional law enforcement services with integrity, leadership, diligence, and concern.

Our Vision Statement

The Saginaw Charter Township Police Department is a value driven law enforcement agency working in  partnership with our citizens to provide quality law enforcement services in a courteous and professional manner for the safety and well being of our community.


Saginaw Township Police Department Programs

The Saginaw Township Police Department is involved in several programs that affect all divisions within the department. Some officers are assigned to duties that are department related, such as Crime Prevention, and School Resource. Others are assigned to area cooperative units like BAYANET (Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team).

The department also is involved in several other programs. These include Police Explorers, Citizens Police Academy, Crime Free Multi Housing, Crime Prevention District Resource Officers and Bike Patrol.  Some of these programs have been in use for some time, while others have been or are being instituted to help us become more in touch with the citizens of Saginaw Township. Other programs are still in development stages.

CrimeDar has been added to the compliment of programs that the police department offers. It is an interactive crime mapping program available to the general public that shows various types of criminal activity and where these events occurred. This has replaced the crime hot line. The link to this is located on the Home page under Crime Mapping.

One of the longest running in house programs we have is our E.M.T. (Emergency Medical Technician) Program. It was put in place in 1975, and is still a very strong presence in Saginaw Township.  Many of our officers are Michigan State certified E.M.T.'s or MFR's (Medical First Responders).  All patrol officers carry A.E.D.'s (Automatic External Defibrillators) with them on patrol which are used when they respond to calls involving possible cardiac arrests.  These have been in use for many years now.  In January 2015, five new AED's were added to the department's inventory, as the older AED's are removed from service.  These costly units were made available through donations by area residents and businesses, and through fund raising efforts of the Saginaw Township Police Officers Association.

The Saginaw Township Police Department also maintains two other important programs, Police School Crossing Guards and the Parking Enforcement Unit.  Our Crossing Guard unit has been in place for many  years and has provided accident free service during that time. The Parking Enforcement Team has been valuable in ensuring that disabled citizens, both residents and visitors to the area, have proper parking  afforded them when visiting businesses in our community.


Law Enforcement Oath of Honor

On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character,  or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the constitution and the community I serve.



Personnel serve a community of approximately 40,000 people and cover about 26 square miles of commercial, residential, and farm lands.


Donald F. Pussehl Jr


John Pelkki

Rick Herren

Administrative Sergeant

  • Russ Uphold




The Saginaw Township Police Department consists of several divisions:

The administrative division consists of the Chief, two lieutenants and four civilian support staff members.

The investigations division is supervised by one of the administrative lieutenants and consists of two detective sergeants, four detectives, three crime prevention district resource officers, two crime prevention detectives and a school liaison detective.

The road patrol division is supervised by an administrative lieutenant and consists of one administrative sergeant, four road sergeants and 22 road patrol officers, 18 police crossing guards for schools, two parking  enforcement officers, and a civilian evidence officer.  All officers are state certified and licensed through the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.  Officers receive both in-service and course-offered training on a regular basis.

Multi-jurisdictional Participation

The Saginaw Township Police Department participates in cooperation with multiple agencies in a variety of shared resource programs.



The Patrol Division has 14 fully marked patrol vehicles, two motorcycles, and two semi marked traffic enforcement vehicles.  The entire patrol fleet consists of Ford Taurus Interceptors and Ford Crown Victoria Interceptors for patrol officers and two Expeditions for Supervisors.  All of the patrol vehicles are full police package and are fully equipped for all types of calls.  Several officers are trained medical first responders and each road patrol vehicle carries an AED for medical emergencies.  Several patrol units carry medical equipment similar to that utilized by Emergency Medical Technicians for responding to calls of a medical nature.

All of the cars are equipped with Mobile Data Computers that connect officers via computer to Saginaw Central Dispatch. Through the computer, officers are able to obtain information at a moments notice from LEIN, NCIC and the Secretary of State.  Through the computer systems, officers also are capable of issuing traffic violations to  traffic violators.  The citation is then sent immediately to the courts via wireless transmission. The cars still use radios for communication also.

We have a radar and video recording systems in every district assigned patrol car. In addition to the radars that are mounted in cars, we also have several hand held standard and laser radars.