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Wastewater Collection and Treatment

The operation and maintenance of the Township's wastewater collection system and treatment facilities are performed by employees of the Department of Public Services. The Saginaw Charter Township wastewater collection and treatment system is composed of the following facilities: 6.5 to 18.0 million gallon day (MGD) extended aeration wastewater treatment facility, 6.0 million gallon (MG) combined sewer retention basin, landfill leachate treatment facility, and nine wastewater collection pumping facilities. All of our facilities utilize the best available technology with special emphasis placed on reliability, cost, and longevity. In addition, technology today involves the use of some form of computerized piece of equipment to run all of the control and processing equipment utilized at all of our facilities.

Wastewater Collection System:

The wastewater collection system in Saginaw Charter Township is divided into the following four districts: Northeast Sewer District, Weiss St. District, Southwest District, and Center Road District.

The wastewater collected from the Northeast and Weiss St. Districts is processed and treated at the City of Saginaw Wastewater Treatment Facility located at 2406 Veterans Memorial Parkway and discharged into the Saginaw River. wastewater

The wastewater collected from the Southwest and Center Rd. Districts is processed and treated at the Saginaw Charter Township Wastewater Treatment facility located at 5790 W. Michigan and then discharged into the Tittabawassee River.

There are nine pumping facilities (lift stations) that are strategically located throughout the four districts to aid in the collection process. In addition, the Center Rd. District has a 6.0 MG Combined Sewer Retention Facility that is utilized as a storage and treatment facility during above normal precipitation periods.

Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Basis of Design: The Saginaw Charter Township Wastewater Treatment Plant purifies wastewater from the Southwest and Center Road Districts in Saginaw Township as well as from Thomas Township. Wastewater from Thomas Township is pumped to the site where it is metered and introduced into the process.

Wastewater from Saginaw Township arrives at the plant site in gravity sewers and is merged with Thomas Township's wastewater. The combined wastewater then receives primary treatment. Bleach is also added at this point for odor control.wwtp

Primary treatment is provided by two mechanically cleaned bar screens and two aerated grit tanks. Screenings and grit materials are disposed of into a dumpster and hauled to a landfill. Primary effluent treatment is accomplished in four circular primary settling tanks. Sedimentation is pumped from the settling tanks into two high rate anaerobic digesters. Secondary treatment consists of extended aeration with activated sludge in two oxidation ditches. Ferric Chloride is then added to the waste stream for the removal of phosphorous, followed by the addition of polymers to aid in settling.

Secondary clarification occurs in three circular final settling tanks. Sedimentation from these three tanks is returned to the oxidation ditches and transferred, as needed, to another process for additional settling and disposal. The clear effluent that is discharged from the final settling tanks then enters the last purification stage of the treatment process. Chlorination/Disinfection is applied using chlorine gas and jet mixing. The treated effluent is then dechlorinated and further polished in a 730,000 gallon polishing pond. Sodium Thiosulfate is also added to aid in the dechlorination process prior the discharge to the Tittabawassee River.

Sludge digestion and decomposition is a natural biological process that occurs throughout all phases of the wastewater treatment process. Mechanically controlled environments in the anaerobic digesters, oxidation ditches, and sludge holding tanks enhance microorganism activity and sludge decomposition. The biosolids that are generated from the sludge digestion process are then hauled to agricultural fields and land applied.

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