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Recycling is a weekly service provided to single family and duplex homes. Beginning January 1, 2015, recycling will become more efficient for all of the communities served by the Mid Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA).   Through single-stream recycling, residents will now be able to place all of their plastic (1 & 2), metal, paper, chipboard, and cardboard into one container - no sorting needed.  DO NOT PLACE PLASTIC BAGS in with recycling.  Residents may continue to use their current recycling bin or purchase a larger container, up to 45-gallons in size.  The larger containers must be marked with a "R" or have a "Recyclables Only" sticker placed on the side of it.  "Recyclable Only" stickers are free of charge at the Township Offices.  "Recyclable Only" stickers may also be found at the MMWA (989-781-9555).  

Items accepted for curbside recycling are listed on the recycling process page.

The Problem: Plastic Bags do NOT belong in the Recycling Bin 

Can I Recycle This?  


Dog Food Bags

Paper Towel & Tissue

Gift Cards

Wrapping Paper

Flexible Plastic Pouches




Aerosol Cans