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Saginaw Township Police Department and Walmart Partner to Prevent Crime

The Saginaw Township Police Department and Walmart are pleased to announce the ribbon cutting ceremony and public introduction of the “Saginaw Township Police Department & Walmart Store #2644 Community Partnership Program” and their local public safety display. 

The Walmart Store (#2644), located at 5825 Brockway Rd in Saginaw Township, has partnered with Saginaw Township Police Department in a cumulative effort by the store’s manager and our Crime Prevention Unit. These great efforts of innovative thinking, by all parties involved, continue to show how Community Partnerships created by the Saginaw Township Police Department have a positive effect on public interaction with local law enforcement and the reduction of crime. 

The Walmart Corporation by way of this store’s manager, Mr. Salvadore Garcia, has graciously funded a large display, built by the Sign Image Company of Saginaw, which showcases the important message resonating from the partnership that “Walmart supports its local public safety.”  This is a great honor to our local heroes, here in Saginaw Township.  We are excited to share this visually stunning piece of the partnership with the public. 

This public safety display is located in a newly renovated space within the store.  It will eventually be the backdrop for future events with local public safety, and a place where store patrons can obtain printed materials & informational flyers related to the betterment of the community.  The space will also serve as a location for Police, Fire & Medical related incidents to be coordinated, should an incident occur within the store.  

The ceremony will be held on Friday, June 12, 2015 at 2 p.m. at the “Walmart Safety & Awareness Center” located just inside the main north doors to the store.