Saginaw-Kochville Townships Pedestrian Path

In 2008, Saginaw Charter Township, Kochville Township, and the Bay City Transportation Service Center were notified that they received announcement of a conditional commitment for a jointly submitted Transportation Enhancement Grant.  This grant would help fund a 10 foot wide non motorized path along portions of Consumer’s Energy property from Elmer Lange Park in Kochville Township to the existing pathway at McCarty Road in Saginaw Township.  The pedestrian pathway has been identified as a prioritized project in the Township’s Pedestrian Plan, the Township Recreation Plan, and the adopted Comprehensive Development Plan.

The total estimated cost for the Township’s portion of the pathway is $494,400.  Of that total cost, $346,100 is paid for through a grant via the Michigan Department of Transportation.  Saginaw Charter Township’s share of the grant is $148,300.

Saginaw Kochville Townships Path