Artists of the Month - November

Saginaw Charter Township Art in Public Places is proud to present Rebecca Houck of Auburn, MI as the Artist of the Month for December.

Artist Statement

My lifelong interest in art includes many facets.  However, watercolor is my favorite means of artistic expression.  I love the freshness and spontaneity achieved only in watercolor, and the wonderment of what I can do with the wet pigment and what it might unexpectedly do by itself.  I most recently have been experimenting with painting watercolor on canvas, which alters the waterpainting technique greatly, but is most satisfying.

My subjects are often ordinary things that surround my everyday life experience.  Painting on location produces for me the most exciting and inspired results.  Every painting is a unique creation, not merely a reproduction of the subject, but an attempt to capture the light, the sound, the mood and perhaps some inner thoughts relating to it.  It is an experience in time, captured, containing all the elation or frustration which accompanied its creation.  True art is the expression and communication of thoughts and feelings, ideas and emotions.  I have come to know I have created a work of art when, after expressing myself in my painting, my work then speaks back to me.


I have also developed a great interest in found object collage and mixed media work, both two and three dimensional.  It challenges my creativity to assemble “bits and pieces” into a cohesive composition.  They tend to be more mysterious with lost and found shapes, subtle color and rich in texture.  There seems to be two different artists within me – my “alter ego” at work.  Colorful on the one hand, monochromatic on the other, representational and abstract, overt and esoteric.  But after exploring other a venues, I always seem to return to my first love – watercolor.


I believe that artistic ability is comprised of 10% talent and 90% training, effort, persistence and practice, practice, practice.  But it is that 10% factor which sets the artist apart and makes him or her view the world differently.

Rebecca's exhibit will be shown at the Saginaw Charter Township Hall, 4980 Shattuck Road, Saginaw, Michigan, during business hours Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 p.m., December 2nd through December 27th.  The Township offices will be closed at 3:30 pm on December 5th and all day December 24th & 25th.