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COVID-19 UPDATE:  Bulk Trash / Yard Waste Collection

Mid Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA) has announced some temporary changes for their customers. 

  • Beginning April 6, 2020, through at least April 14, 2020, bulk items will no longer be collected. Bulk items, which are usually thought of as a couch or refrigerator, or any items not contained in a bag or can. Regular trash collection services will continue. Residents should bag or contain in a can all of their regular household trash. Each bag or can should weigh no more than 50 pounds. Thank you and please give your collection worker plenty of room to safely collect your materials.
  • Yard waste collection will be delayed until at least April 14, 2020. MMWA is focused on the safety of our residents and collection workers. Thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times.
  • Recycling collection is still operating as normally scheduled.