Artist of the Month - October

The Saginaw Charter Township Art In Public Places is proud to present Veronica Lazorchak & Lorrie Wiechmann of Saginaw, Michigan, for the combined Artist of the Month for October.
Lazorchak & Wiechmann - Copy

Veronica Lazorchak
Veronica Lazorchak 2

Award-Winning fine arts teacher for the City of Saginaw through Andersen Enrichment.  Owned and operated an art gallery and custom frame shop for over 20 years and former tour guide for the Toledo Museum of Art.

Student of Fine Arts
Delta College
Toledo University

Private Lessons
WWII Renowned Artist Walter Chapman Sylvania, Ohio (featured on Good Morning America, c.2017).
Zolton Szabo, renowned Hungarian artist.

Color Theory for Barbizon School of Design.
Demonstration of Egg Tempera medium on The Art Train.
Adjunct Professor of Fine Art at Delta College.

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Egg Tempera, Gouache, Graphite, Chalk & Charcoal, Pastels, Glass Fusion, Glass Blowing, Screen Printing, Pottery and Sculpting.

Mural Installations:
Horizon Center, Saginaw
Celebration Hall, Saginaw
Saginaw Country Club, Saginaw
Temple Theater, SaginawMy Brothers Palace, Toledo
Bavarian Festival, Frankenmuth
RC Engineering Offices (Entrance Foyer), Saginaw
Hensler Furniture-- Hand painting on refurbished furniture including gold leafing Display work at Jacobson's Dept. Store
Dow Corning, Midland
Bell Telephone, Saginaw

Bunny Sculptures:
Chemical Bank
Dr. Jack Nash, DDS
The letter N for the city of Saginaw
Dial Tent & Awning - Screen Printing

Artist Statement
“Art is a journey of self expression and giving awareness to all that surrounds us.”
-Veronica Lazorchak

  Lorrie Wiechmann
Lorrie Wiechmann

Artist Statement
I was dragged kicking and screaming into the fine art universe after many years of experience in graphic arts and nearing retirement age.    My daughter recognized my passion for fine art and gifted courses at a California franchise studio.  I loved it and stayed four years instructed in the Old Masters method of oil painting. 

I’ve shown and sold my work at various art fairs and festivals in California and now in Saginaw, several commissioned pieces hang in California corporations.

Since returning to Saginaw I have become active in the local art community and serve on the Board of Directors for the West Side Civic Association Art Festival Planning Committee.   This past Summer I participated in a Head Start program teaching painting to children at the FWCC.

I was raised in Saginaw, MI and recently returned after 37 years in Colorado and California.  I find inspiration everywhere…a face, an expression, harmony in shadows, in the sky, lakes and oceans; the mountains…all the places where I spent my life.  You will see reflections of these places done in bold oil pigments to bring drama to the canvas and depth to contemporary subjects and postures with underlying finely detailed charcoal drawings, the under painting and the final painted image.

Art is the ultimate form of expression; a chance to record the beauty in the world and share my vision; to let people get to know me.  It is the greatest form of communication.

Veronica & Lorrie's art exhibit will be shown at the Saginaw Charter Township Hall, 4980 Shattuck Road, Saginaw, Michigan, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., thru October 29, 2021.