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Welcome to the Saginaw Township Assessor's Office

The Assessing Department is responsible for establishing assessments of taxable property for the equitable distribution of the property tax burden in accordance with Michigan's General Property Tax Act and other applicable statues. The Assessing Department's responsibilities include creating the annual assessment roll, maintaining ownership records and property descriptions for tax purposes, processing Personal Property Statements and personal exemption requests, and inspecting existing property and new construction for tax purposes. Taxable values established by the Assessing Department annually are used by the Township Treasurer to produce property tax bills for property within the Township.

In Saginaw Township the Assessor is responsible for valuing 61 Agricultural, 981 Commercial, 23 Industrial, 13,472 Residential and 1,607 Personal Property for a total of 16,509 parcels of property. There are 12,470 single family living units and 5,797 multi-family living units along with 805 mobile home units for a total of 19,072 living units. There were a total of 102 disabled veteran exemptions filed for 2022.
A free site is available at  - Saginaw Area GIS (SAGA) that provides property and tax information, for not only Saginaw Township but all of Saginaw County.
A fee based site, www.bsasoftware.comalso provides Saginaw Township property and tax information. This site is "live" in that changes are available as soon as they are entered into our office computer system.  This web site includes information not available on the G.I.S. site, such as utility billing, special assessments, delinquent personal property taxes, building permits and zoning violations. You may find property information by using address, last name or property ID number. Both sites offer a sales search of all types of properties.

Various tax and assessing related forms are available through the Forms link. Our Contact Us link displays assessors office contact information. Local subdivision maps may be found by clicking the Subdivision Map link.  

In the spring of 2021 our office began a program of re-inspecting residential properties. This process is periodically required by the State Tax Commission. We will be mailing out letters explaining the process along with a questionnaire. This questionnaire assists in the accuracy of every residential property. Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability and return it to the Assessor's Office.
Also, an appraiser may visit your property to verify some of the exterior data such as additions, porches, decks and out buildings if these items were omitted from the property record card from the previous year. Staff will drive by and photograph the exterior of each property from the road.
If you have any questions regarding this matter, please call the Assessor's Office at 989-791-9810 as any member of our staff will be available to assist answering questions about the program or questionnaire.