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Code Enforcement

One of the many basic services the Township provides is to ensure that our neighborhoods are orderly, clean, and free of public nuisances. For those purposes, the Township has adopted various laws and policies that promote appropriate and compatible land uses in our neighborhoods; and promote orderly and desirable development over time. Those include:

  • Zoning laws that regulate the use and development of land; and
  • Laws that regulate nuisances within the Township, such as unsafe buildings, junk and abandoned vehicles, accumulations of objectionable material, and yards that are not maintained.

Having those regulations, however, is not enough unless they are effectively enforced. By enforcing those regulations, the Code Enforcement Department promotes and protects the public health, safety and welfare. In Saginaw Charter Township, Code Enforcement is based on six distinct and important items:

  1. Whenever possible work to achieve compliance without the need for formal enforcement proceedings
  2. Prioritize needs and focus on improving quality
  3. Work to inform all involved parties rather than process a large number of complaints quickly, with little or no personal contact
  4. Ensure open and effective communication with the public and other departments
  5. Work to educate the general public about the role of code enforcement and ordinance requirements
  6. Take the time necessary to conduct general surveillance of the Township, as well as review ordinance and develop project and initiatives, that will address areas of concern

Remember, the Code Enforcement team is here to help. Working together will prevent blight in our neighborhoods and throughout the Township, and further influence and enhance the quality of life in our Township. You can reach the Code Enforcement Division at 989-791-9865, during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

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