Community Development

Community Development

The staff of the Community Development Department includes building, inspections, planning, zoning and code enforcement.

Please call 989-791-9865 for information regarding any of these departments and their functions or use the navigation to the left to learn more information.

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Campus Business District

Zoning Ordinance Update

In 2021, the Township approved a contract with CIB Planning, Inc. to update the Township’s Zoning Ordinance.  Among other things, that contract stipulated that the consult would reformat the ordinance, add visuals/pictures/diagrams, add new standards, and remove outdated standards. Various meetings were outlined, including a focus group meeting of interested area builders, business owners, and engineers, and up to four (4) workshops with the Planning Commission. 

The focus group meeting was held on March 22nd 2022 at Fire Station Number Two (2). Participants at that meeting provided the consultant with insight into areas of concern of the ordinance. Suggestions that came out of that meeting included the desire to have the code be flexible when dealing with non-conforming properties and the desire to have the code be flexible when dealing with parking requirements (sometimes less is appropriate).

With respect to the four (4) planned workshops with the Planning Commission. Those occurred as follows:

First workshop - April 13, 2022   Joint meeting minutes April 13, 2022
Second workshop - May 11, 2022  Joint meeting minutes May 11, 2022
Third workshop - June 8, 2022  Joint meeting minutes for June 8, 2022
Fourth workshop – July 20, 2022  Joint meeting minutes for July 20, 2022

For the first and second workshops, those workshops focused on obtaining direction on such topics as electric vehicle infrastructure, apiaries and chickens, accessory dwelling units, drive-up windows, car lots and outdoor storage, accessory structure sizes and locations on single family and agriculturally zoned properties, missing middle housing, and fencing height and locations on residential properties.

The third workshop focused on the planned Bay Road Corridor Overlay District. At the workshop, an existing conditions visual tour (through pictures) was completed for Bay Road from Weiss Street to McCarty Road and also for businesses along some of the adjoining streets. The visual tour identified changes in code requirements that have occurred over time as witnessed by the various ages of developed sites. Various building styles and architecture and site designs along Bay Road were examined. Discussion occurred regarding the idea of repetition of design elements, how to create a sense of place, and what if anything should be written for codes to guide future redevelopment within the overlay district.

The fourth workshop focused on reviewing the Master Plan Transitional and Mixed-Use categories to determine how to translate those into the zoning ordinance.  One of the main focuses of the workshop was on creating a new zoning district for the mall area, bordered by Tittabawassee Road, Bay Road, Fashion Square Boulevard and Schust Road. The Planning Commission provided guidance on the desire to create an active vibrant mall re-development district with a sense of place, discussed types of uses to include in a new mall development/redevelopment district and types of uses to exclude.  Proposed new uses include single-family attached dwellings, multi-family housing, upper floor housing (above commercial and office uses), entertainment uses, research and development facilities, small business incubators, and brewpubs, and grocery stores.

The new mall re-development district ordinance (Mall Planned Unit Development) was drafted and advertised for review at a Public Hearing held in front of the Planning Commission on August 17, 2022. At that meeting, the Planning Commission recommended adoption of the Mall Planned Unit Development regulations. A first reading for the ordinance was held before the Township Board on August 22, 2022. A Second/Final reading for the ordinance was held before the Township Board on September 12, 2022. At that meeting, the Board adopted the Mall Planned Unit Development Ordinance. 

The next steps for the overall zoning ordinance update are the drafting and reviewing of remaining chapters (currently underway).

Proposed Master Plan Amendment


On Wednesday, January 4, 2023 the Saginaw Charter Township Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider an amendment to the Saginaw Charter Township Master Plan to remove a portion of the planned extension of Fortune Boulevard from the Master Plan and its Future Land Use Map and to retain/plan for a pedestrian/bicycle pathway in both the removed portion and in the retained planned portion of Fortune Boulevard. The public hearing will take place during the regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting at 5:30 p.m at Saginaw Township Hall, 4980 Shattuck Road, Saginaw, Michigan, corner of Shattuck and North Center Roads.  A draft of the proposed amendment is available in advance of the meeting for public inspection in the Saginaw Charter Township, Community Development Department, 4980 Shattuck Road, during normal business hours and available on the Township website at

For further information, please contact the Community Development Department, Saginaw Township Hall, 989-791-9865.  Written and/or oral comments will also be received at the above-named location through the date of the hearing.  Comments shall be sent to the Community Development Department.

Saginaw Charter Township will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services to any individuals with disabilities who plan to attend this public meeting.  Persons interested in such services need to contact the Saginaw Township Manager’s Office at 4980 Shattuck Road, P.O. Box 6400, Saginaw, Michigan 48608-6400, (989) 791-9800 at least four (4) working days prior to the meeting.  In the case of a special meeting where advanced notice for accommodations is not possible, every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the disabled.


In April of 2022, the Planning Commission directed staff to prepare an amendment to remove a planned Fortune Boulevard extension from the Master Plan and its Future Land Use Map. On September 7, 2022, staff presented a formal proposed/draft amendment with analysis and recommendation to the Planning Commission for review and consideration. The Planning Commission considered the information presented and then voted to submit the proposed/draft amendment to the Township Board for review, with the request that the Township Board approve the Master Plan amendment for distribution pursuant to State requirements.

On September 26, 2022, the Township Board reviewed and approved the draft/proposed Master Plan amendment for distribution to applicable outside agencies and surrounding jurisdictions for review and comment. After distribution and the end of a statutorily required 63-day review and comment period, the Township Planning Commission will then conduct a public hearing to consider adoption of the amendment (taking into consideration any comments received). Final responsibility for adoption of the Master Plan Amendment falls with the Township Board (pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Board).

The draft proposed amendment includes:

  • removal of the planned Fortune Boulevard extension between Schust Rd. and McCarty Rd.;
  • retaining the planned Fortune Blvd. extension between Crooked Tree Ln. and Schust Rd.;
  • including a planned future bicycle/pedestrian path from McCarty Road to Crooked Tree Lane in the area planned for the Boulevard to serve as a connector between the commercial area along Tittabawassee Road and the planned and existing multi-family and single-family residential areas to the south and to the soccer complex and the walking paths in that area.

A copy of the staff report and proposed amendment can be viewed by clicking here.