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Fire Department

Saginaw Township Fire Department

2019 Annual Awards Banquet
On Saturday, December 14th, the department held their annual awards dinner to celebrate the past year's accomplishments and recognize the service and commitment of their members.

Fire Fighter of the Year
Jake was recognized for achievements in training, as well as "his all in attitude, easy going personality, and solid leadership skills."

Service Awards
Terry Schultz    40 years
Jim Dowe    35 years
Lt. Craig Baldwin     25 years
Asst. Chief Kevin O'Brien     20 years
Andre Rodriguez     15 years
Lt. Mark Ivon     10 years
Joel Bolzman     5 years
Ryan Gembarowski     5 years
Anthony Waite     5 years

Special Recognition Awards
Firefighter Mike Brown
Recognized for his work in organizing and coordinating the annual Pancake Breakfast for several years.

Safety Officer Dave Jackson
Recognized for his on-going work in monitoring and developing safety practices on fire scenes in regards to Hydrogen Cyanide Gas (HCN).

Fire Inspector Rick Humphreys
Recognized for his on-going work in implementing electronic document management systems and other departmental IT projects.

On August 26, 2019 at 2:32 PM, Saginaw Township Fire Department was activated for a pin-in accident at the intersection of Gratiot Rd. and St. Andrews. This was a serious head on collision which involved multiple patients, one with life threatening injuries, in two vehicles.

The initial responding officer gave a clear and concise on-scene report and assigned initial assignments for incoming units. The responding units overcame unseen obstacles, and used teamwork to work flawlessly together, and were able to free all victims within thirty minutes.

The following personnel are recognized for their outstanding teamwork, professionalism, and valiant actions during this incident:

Squad 3
Lt. Justin Durow, Firefighter Greg Sass, and Firefighter Jeremy Wood

Rescue 1
Capt. Keith Hebl, Training Officer Ray Wilson, Firefighter Jerry Brown, Firefighter Doug Engleman, Firefighter Brendan Grose, and Firefighter Eric Schultz

Engine 2
Firefighter Zach Bonds, Firefighter Gus Burgos-Borton, and Firefighter Aaron Watts

On Scene Officers
Capt. Roger Klomp, Safety Officer Dave Jackson, and Fire Inspector Rick Humphreys

 Outside Burning Regulations
As many of you begin the task of cleaning up leaves and other yard debris.  There are several options available to residents to dispose of this debris, primarily curbside yard waste pick up, and the township brush site.  However, some residents may choose to burn the debris.  Open burning is permitted in Saginaw Township, however it is only permitted under very specific conditions.

Please DO NOT conduct outside burning until you have reviewed all of the regulations contained in the "Burning Regulations" section of this website. Recreational fires (campfires/outdoor fireplaces) DO NOT require a permit, however there are several rules which apply to these types of fires:

Please call the Saginaw Township Fire Department offices (989.792.9691) if you have any questions regarding the burning regulations, to obtain a burning permit, or apply online at Burning Permit Application

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