Listed below are services offered as well as information regarding fees and collections.

Property Taxes
Property taxes are billed on July 1 and December 1 of each year. The July tax may be paid without penalty through September 14 and the December bill through February 14, after which a penalty fee and interest are added. After March 1, all delinquent real property taxes are paid at the Saginaw County Treasurers Office. All delinquent personal property taxes are to be paid at the Saginaw Township Treasurers office.

Credit Card Payments
Residents may use credit and debit cards to make payments for water and tax bills.  A 3% service fee will be applied.  Payments may be made at the Treasurer's Office or click here to make an online payment.  Water service that has been shut-off cannot be restored by paying online.  Payments may not be made over the telephone.

Check Payments
We do not accept post dated checks.  If cashed, we are not held liable.

Senior Citizens July Tax Deferral
Senior Citizens (62 or older) whose household income for the preceding calendar year did not exceed $40,000 may be eligible for the deferral of the July taxes. This deferral entitles the eligible taxpayer to postpone the July tax payment until February 14 without interest or penalty. An application form is available at the Treasurers Office and must be filed by September 15 of each year. Click here for a printable deferral application.

Dog Licenses
Dog licenses are available from December 1 to February 28 for Saginaw Township residents only.  The price for male/female is $25.00; neutered or spayed is $12.00. A special senior citizen license fee is available for $5.00 for neutered or spayed dogs.  Saginaw Township  accepts CASH ONLY payments.  The owner must show proof of a current rabies vaccination. After the February 28 deadline, dog licenses may be purchased from either the Saginaw County Treasurer or from a county veterinarian.  Please bring your form from Saginaw County if you receive one.

Treasurers Office Facts
Receives payment for 30,300 property tax bills annually.  Invests Township funds. Collects all building permit fees. Receives payment for 56,000 water bills annually. Collects recreation fees. Collects special assessment levies.

Payment Status for a Property

Current Millage Rates

For more information or to contact the Treasurer's department, please call (989) 791-9840 or email: