In Search of Art Committee Members

The Art in Public Places Committee has two vacancies.  The Committee consists of no less than seven members.  Members are appointed by the Supervisor with Township Board approval.  Two members of the Township Board shall be Art Committee members.  Terms are for two years.

The Committee will meet at least twice annually and report annually to the Township Board concerning its activities and recommendations.  They will be given authority to devise criteria and procedures for determining which paintings or other works of art might be displayed in Township buildings, and decide which pieces shall be displayed.  The Committee will attempt to broaden and expand the scope of art and cultural activities promotion within Township government and within its limited resources, as well as within other public organizations serving Saginaw Township citizens.  No funds shall be committed or spent in these activities without the specific approval of the Township Board.  

The Art in Public Places Committee was established effective September 12, 1986 for the purposes of advising the Township Board on art and culture-related issues, promoting the display of art in public buildings, and selecting works of art to be permanently or temporarily displayed in facilities owned by Saginaw Township.

The Board of Trustees of Saginaw Township recognizes that there arise from time to time issues concerning the promotion and support of various forms of artistic expression upon which the Board is required to deliberate and act.  The Board desires to receive advice and counsel from citizens who have demonstrated a strong interest in art and are recognized as being competent to discern quality and talent in one or more of the fine arts.  The Board also desires to create an appropriate means by which art may be exhibited in buildings or premises under its control. 

If you or someone you know is interested, please fill out the Statement of Intent and bring it to the Saginaw Township Manager's Office.  If you have any questions, please contact (989) 791-9800.