Saginaw Township Police Awards Program

The Saginaw Township Police Department’s annual Awards Program and Memorial Service was held on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at Knight of Columbus Hall, 4840 Shattuck Road.  A scholarship to a high school student will be awarded by Saginaw Township Police Officers Association.

Sixteen police officers and ten civilians received awards during the ceremony.  The formal promotion of Sgt. Michele Fleming and Sgt. Russell Uphold took place. A flag raising and memorial service will be held in front of the Township Hall after the awards ceremony.  Congratulations to all of the Award Recipients!

 Award Recipients:  
 Det. Kyle Salcido  Officer of the Year
 Exp. Emma Derdowski  Explorer of the Year
 Ofc. Diane Darby-Garpiel  Lifetime Meritorious Service Award  
 Det. Robert Bean  Chief’s Commendation Award 
 Det. James MacDonald  Chief’s Commendation Award 
 Ofc. Jeff Koenig  Chief’s Commendation Award
 Ofc. Scott Jackson   Courageous Service Award
 Ofc. Matthew Oswald   Courageous Service Award
 Ofc. Brent Pinter  Courageous Service Award   
 Det. Kyle Salcido  Courageous Service Award 
 Det. Rick Thompson (SPD)  Courageous Service Award
 Ofc. Jay Pansing  Lifesaving Award
 Ofc. Matthew Eckerman  Lifesaving Award
 Ofc. David West  Lifesaving Award
 Ofc. Brandon Wilson  Lifesaving Award
 Ofc. Tyler Williamson (SPD)   Lifesaving Award
 Civ. Carol Conger  Unit Citation Award
 Civ. Kathy Rupp  Unit Citation Award
 Civ. Karen Tessin  Unit Citation Award
 Civ. Kris Whitteberry  Unit Citation Award
 Sgt. James Rich  Distinguished Service Award
 Ofc. Brian Guest  Distinguished Service Award
 Ofc. Brandon Wilson  Distinguished Service Award
 Antonio Deaner  Civilian Citation Award
 Paris Culpepper   Civilian Citation Award
 Trevion Williams  Civilian Citation Award
 Patrick Duggan   Civilian Citation Award
 Brady Rich  Civilian Citation Award
 Cameron Rich  Civilian Citation Award